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R. Shittu, A. Healing, R. Ghanea-Hercock, R. Bloomfield, M. Rajarajan, Intrusion Alert Prioritisation and Attack Detection using Post-Correlation Analysis, published in Computers & Security Journal, Vol 50, May 2015 (Available from: Science Direct)

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A. Healing. COllective INtelligence (COIN) for agents with differing preferences. Fourth-year project, The University of Edinburgh, 2005

Book Chapters

Nexus: Self-organising Agent-based Peer-to-Peer Middleware for Battlespace Support in
Defense Industry Applications of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
, 2008


Alex Healing & Simon Thompson, Open Source Intelligence, BCS Twenty:09


External Advisory Board member for VALCRI project

Program Committee Member for First Annual Workshop on Pervasive Networks for Emergency Management (PerNEM 2010)

Program Committee Member for Third International Workshop on Pervasive Systems (PerSys´08)

Program Committee Member for Second IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO 2008)

Program Committee Member for Second International Workshop on Pervasive Systems (PerSys´07)

Reviewer for 5th IEEE Workshop on Engineering of Autonomic and Autonomous Systems (EASe 2008)

Invited Talks

Visual Analytics – Human-computer symbiosis for the big data era, Royal Society, October ’16

Cyber Defence – When to automate and when to augment, CyberInvest Conference, October ’16

Panel Member, Symposium on Theoretical Foundation of Visual Analytics, The Alan Turing Institute, April ’16

Guest Lecture on Visual Analytics, City University London, March ’15

Keynote: Visual Analytics, from Concept to Market, VALCRI Project Meeting, Barcelona, October ’14

Visual Analytics for Cyber Security, 33rd SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, December ’13

Keynote: Security Futures Research, Alert Online, the Netherlands, November ’13

Visual Analytics in the Wild, Visual Analytics Summer School 2013 (VASS’13), Middlesex, UK, July ’13

Interactive Data Mining for Unstructured Data, MIT Media Lab, Boston MA, USA, May ’11

Structuring Folksonomic Systems using Adaptive Visual Clustering, CSIRO, Sydney, Australia, Oct ’09

Structuring Folksonomic Systems using Adaptive Visual Clustering, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, Oct ’09

Towards Autonomous ICT Services, University of Southampton, Nov ’07

Large-scale distributed information systems for situational awareness – managing complexity through decentrality, STRL De Montford University, May ’07


My work has produced nine patent applications in the areas of multi-agent systems, web software and machine learning.

Attended Courses

MIT Professional Education – Machine Learning for Big Data and Text Processing, June 2015

MIT Professional Education – Tackling the Challenges of Big Data, April 2014

Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School 2007

8th European Agent Systems Summer School (EASSS’06), July 2006

Complexity Science Spring School on Complexity Science, Southampton University, April 2006

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